What is High Intensity Training?

An intro to HIT

What on earth is High intensity training?

Sounds terrifying! But don’t be put off by the name.

High Intensity Training is actually weight training done in a very slow and controlled manner.

The HIT strength training method was developed to build lean muscle mass as quickly and safely as possible.

What is special about HIT Strength Training?

HIT is a form of strength training that uses a low weight or “resistance” lifted slowly and smoothly.

Typically a session will include around 4-6 different exercises targeting all the major muscle groups, with each exercise being performed for around 30-90s.

Each exercise is performed until “momentary muscular failure” – this is the point where you can’t complete another rep, no matter how hard you try. (This is the high intensity part).

Usually just 1 – 2 sets of each exercise are performed in a session.

A full session should last anywhere from 4 minutes, to a maximum of 25.

Just 1 session per week is beneficial, with a maximum of 2 recommended.

HIT training can be performed with free weights, machines, cables and pulleys, household objects, small mammals, resistance bands, and/or your own bodyweight.

We at FounderFit recommend a combination of bodyweight and resistance bands.

Benefits of HIT for Entrepreneurs

  • Very Time Efficient
  • Very low risk of injury (Unlike some other forms of training)
  • Easy to learn movements
  • Adaptations are predominantly physical thus maximises muscle gain
  • Low risk of CNS fatigue
  • Trains type I and II muscle fibres
  • Has increased cardiovascular health benefits over traditional weight training

Basically HIT means less time in the gym, and less risk of ending up in the ER, so more time to entrepreneur!

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